Shibashi Qigong


Two older people practicing Taijiquan on the beach at sunset


Qigong can simply be translated as ‘energy work’. The sessions are a series of slow movements which flow from one to the next, very much like a slow dance. Sessions are very inclusive and anyone can practice this moving meditation. Qigong promotes relaxation and wellbeing, during a session you will be lead through an 18 movement set (Shibashi).

Group Session Availability 2018

Monday 10.30am-11.30am – at  Together Against Cancer  Booking is essential as numbers are limited. Suggested Donation of £5 to Together Against Cancer

Tuesday 7.00pm-8.00pm – from 26th June 2018  at The Botanic Garden, Glebe Road, Leicester LE2 2LD, £5 per session – Pay As You Go

Please wear comfortable, loose clothing

One to one sessions are also available, please contact me directly to find out more.